Start selling merchandise in under 10 minutes!

Create your Merchandise Page

Create a page with a unique URL specially for your merchandise. Add the event start and end details along with an image for your page

Set-up Categories

Set-up categories for your merchandise based on what kind or type of product you will be selling. Eg. T-Shirts, Shoes, Water Bottles, etc.

Add Product Variations

Finally, you can add products, provide details, determine pricing and variations in color / size etc. before going live.


Merchandise Categorization

Merchandise categories make it easy for your buyers to quickly select the kind of merchandise they would be interested in. Categories are also a good way to display multiple product variations under a single umbrella.

Explara_Merchandise-Merchandise Categorization

Product Variations

Product variations let you sell different colors, sizes, shapes or design of the same product so that you can attract a wider audience from the same page while offering a larger selection to your buyers. It also lets you be flexible with your pricing so that you can put a premium on your best selling variations

Explara_Merchandise-Product Variations

Tickets + Merchandise

You can connect your merchandise with your event so that your buyers can select and pay for the merchandise and tickets in a single process- simplifying the buyer journey and ensuring less drop-offs because of complicated steps

Explara_Merchandise-Tickets + Merchandise

Sell via Facebook

If you have a large Facebook following for your event, you can sell your merchandise directly via your Facebook page. Explara’s Facebook widget allows you to set-up your store on Facebook exactly the way it is on the unique page you created for your merchandise.

Explara_Merchandise-Sell via Facebook

Widgets and Affiliate Partners

You can extend your online merchandise sales to your official website. The Explara website widget is a simple piece of code that needs to be copied and pasted into your website. You can continue to make changes and update your merchandise. It will be reflected in the widget automatically.

Explara_Merchandise-Widgets and Affiliate Partners

Reports & Analytics

Get real-time reports and detailed analytics on your daily sales, inventory levels, buyer data and more on the Merchandise dashboard. Take quick, data-backed decisions on re-stocking products and maximizing profits based on your sales metrics.

Explara_Merchandise-Reports & Analytics

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